we are proud to say if you are looking for a trusted Sound supplier with good quality equipment and service

It is impossible to put prices on-line for delivery  and is unfair practice as the cost of hire will vary depending on delivery location, delivery and collection times and what the job involves and quality of equipment for you budget . We’re committed to providing a wide variety of services and Packages at affordable prices, without sacrificing the quality of equipment and service needed.

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We don’t pay to win awards. The awards come from the way we work with you. No company can say there the best, only the clients have that privilege.
We will never let you down
We don’t say we can do things that we can’t
We never send untrained staff to your Event
We never rush in and out
we always make sure you are Happy

You`ll be surprised

You`ll be surprised by the number of call-outs we get where people have hired Sound Equipment from other companies and not able to set them up or the equipment has arrived in an unusable state or generally dirty or parts or leads missing, or the company had a better offer last-minute or run out of time.

( common with cheap dry hire kit) good luck with your choice




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