PA Hire Surrey We have a large selection of Speakers and audio hire equipment, from simple PA Hire systems for standard events, right through to large systems for corporate events, dance parties and festivals and basic parties, our DIY party sound packages are ideal and include everything you need to play music from an for ipad, iphone or laptop. They are very easy to use and it’s as simple as plugging in a couple of cables.  offers a complete solution for your PA sound system hire we have a large amount of sound systems to hire from low end systems to top end PA systems . This enables you to hire the appropriate system for your budget and needs. PA Hire from small mixers and speakers to large venue sound systems. Bespoke to your needs.
Full range of Mixing Desk’s available with Microphones for any event, radio or corded, vocal & instrument, lapelPA selection depends on the type of event and number of participants. Call us to discuss what you are planning.

We have a small compact portable PA system suitable for meetings, seminars,tutorials, AV presentations etc. This unit is good for small meetings small rooms.

We also have amazing FBT Speakers and top brands of Speakers and mixers from Yamaha. All speakers to hire to be used for medium sized events and Mackie PA’s for small parties. whether you need a microphone, speakers, or an entire sound system to Hire, you’ve come to the right place!

We specialise in the hire of PA systems for your event, whether its a System required for speeches or a live band set up. We also provide PA hire and speaker hire for many private events and cater to a variety of uses such as, microphone & speaker hire for speeches and presentations. and Screens

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