Mackie DL16S 16-Channel Mixer Hire


The Mackie DL16S is equipped with 16 stereo-linkable input channels, each featuring a 4-band parametric equaliser, high-pass filter, gate, compression, and RTA/Spectrograph. On top of these are 13 output busses consisting of 6 stereo-linkable aux sends, 6 stereo-linkable subgroups, and a main L/R bus. The DL16S’s 4 stereo FX processors provide you with incredible built-in effects including reverbs, delays, choruses, flangers, and much more. The mixer allows you to take full advantage of its in-depth I/O routing with A/B sources for each channel, as well as assignable oscillators including pink/white noise and sine waves. The DL16S’s comp/gate and EQs feature both Modern and Vintage options, enabling you to achieve the sound you desire. On top of all of this, the Mackie DL16S also features 6 VCAs, and 6 mute groups


Mackie DL16S 16 Channel Mixer Hire

The Mackie DL16S delivers 16-channels of proven DL Series digital mixing in an all-new Built-Like-A-Tank™, stage-friendly design. Get mixing right out of the box with built-in WiFi networking and full multi-platform support on the industry-leading Master Fader™ control app

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